Qualification to WESPAC

Swedish players get qualifying points for representing Sweden at the WESPA Championship (WESPAC) by taking part in rating-approved tournaments of English Scrabble in Sweden. In 2023, WESPAC will take place in Las Vegas.

Swedish players qualify to take part in WESPAC and similar world invitationals as follows:

  • To be allowed to represent Sweden, a player must be a Swedish citizen. However, the committee of the SSA can give exemption for a player who has lived permanently in Sweden for at least five years. For questions in this matter, the committee's e-mail address is styrelsen[at]scrabbleforbundet.se (exchange [at] for @). The Swedish representative have to cover their own costs for going to the tournament.
  • Players (eligible for qualifiation) in English-Scrabble tournaments in Sweden get qualifying points according to their relative position. The last placed player gets 1 point, the last but one 2 points and so on. The highest placed player in a tournament with eight possible candidates thus gets 8 position points. The three best participants also get bonus qualifying points: the best one 8, the second best 4, and the third best 2 points. These bonus points are doubled, however, in the Swedish Championship in English Scrabble, held every odd year. At least six people eligible for qualification must take part in a tournament for qualification points to be awarded.
  • If players have the same number of total points after a tournament, highest rating, number of qualifying tournaments, and number of played games in turn determine the order of qualification.
  • After the last tournament before Sweden's player must register with the organisers, the SSA committee offers the topmost qualified player(s) the chance to represent Sweden.
  • If no qualifying tournament has taken place for an upcoming world tournament, eligible players on the current rating list, starting from the top, are asked if they accept to represent Sweden.
  • If still no player has accepted to represent Sweden, the SSA committe can offer another worthy player residing in Sweden to do so.

Previous Swedish representation at WSC/SCTI/SCT/WESPAC
In 2005, the Swedish Scrabble Association (SSA) for the first time had a representative at the WSC (World Scrabble Championship). In 2013, WSC was replaced by an invitational event at Scrabble Champions Tournament (SCTI). In 2015, the international Scrabble association WESPA for the first time arranged WESPAC, an invitational tournament similar to WSC.

Year Tourney Dates Place Player Standing Wins Alternate
2005 WSC 16-20 Nov London Mårten Björkman 102/102 5/24 Greger Nässén
2007 WSC 9-12 Nov Mumbai Greger Nässén 103/104 6.5/24 Johan Rönnblom
2009 WSC 26-29 Nov Johor Bahru Marc Roddis 91/108 10/24 Johan Rönnblom
2011 WSC 12-16 Oct Warsaw Gunnar Andersson 96/106 13/34 Daniel Domert
2013 SCTI 3-8 Dec Prague Gunnar Andersson 79/110 15/31 Johan Rönnblom
2014 SCT 31 Aug-4 Sep London Gunnar Andersson 90/108 10/14 -
2015 WESPAC 4-8 Nov Perth DNP - - -
2016 MSI WSC 31 Aug-4 Sep Lille Gunnar Andersson 45/72 10/24 -
2017 WESPAC 6-12 Nov Nairobi DNP - - -
2019 WESPAC 16-20 Oct Goa Todd Webster 132/140 11/32 -
2023 WESPAC 22-26 July Las Vegas Mårten Björkman - - -