Word lists for training

Here you can download useful lists for learning short and longer words in English.

On 15 September 2015, CSW15, the 4th edition of Collins Official Scrabble Words (ISBN 978-0-00-758916-6), became the official wordlist for tournaments sanctioned by the international Scrabble association WESPA. The book is divided into two sections: first words with 2-9 letters, then words with 10-15 letters. CSW15 contains 276,663 words in total (161,417 2–9 letter words). There are 6,500 new words (4,171 with 3–9 letters), no new twos, and no words have been deleted compared to CSW12. The first tournament in Sweden to use CSW15 was the Swedish NSC 2017.

Lists for CSW15
Here are among other things lists with all new words, all valid 2 and 3-letter words (also with hooks) as well as longer words of interest.

New words  Pdf file

Two-letter words - alphabetic Pdf file
Two-letter words - two-dimensional  Pdf file
Three-letter words Pdf file

Words with J  Pdf file
Words with Q  Pdf file
Words with X  Pdf file
Words with Z  Pdf file

Words with consonants only  Pdf file
Words with vowels only  Pdf file

Two-letter hooks  Pdf file
Three-letter hooks  Pdf file

Sevens with three or more AEIOU  Pdf file
Sevens and eights with AEIO  Pdf file
Eights with three or more AEIOU Pdf file