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Beverly Hills Cup 2007  

Datum: 2007-10-20
Ort: Stockholm
Arrangör: Greger Nässén
Spelsystem: Monrad
Antal deltagare: 9
Antal ronder: 7
Snittpoäng: 368
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spelare och match:

Beverly Hills Cup was arranged in Stockholm for the third time on October 20th, 2007. Nine players took part, two of whom had English as their native language. Marc is a long-time resident of Sweden and played his first ever Scrabble tournament. Lynne came all the way from Brighton to take part! She has played in UK tournaments and has a current rating of 147 (ranked 286).

The games were paired according to the Swiss pairing system with the Manfred tournament software. A free round counted as a win with +200 points. The free rounds are not shown in the results table below, however. The Swedish system of weighted quality spread points (QS-points) was used in the results tables. We checked words in the new international word list from Collins. Swedish tournament rules applied, except that the match time was 25 minutes per player instead of 30.

Gunnar was hard to beat this weekend! He also won the Swedish tournament Mälarpirater Cup the next day.

Gunnar started with a free round and then won all his games. His victory was a fact after round 6. His nearest contenders changed a little for each round, on the other hand, so the other top positions were not decided until the last round was over. Both Lynne and Marja had 4 wins after round 6, but Marja got the last free round. Lynne won her last match and came in second place, followed by Marja on third and Henrik on fourth.

Gunnar"s prizes were an elegant cup, a pen and a notebook, and like Lynne and Marja he was also awarded a blue glass runestone with a plaquette. All participants could choose in turn from a prize table with four novels related to India, one copy of Collins Tournament & Club Word List, a 150 SEK gift card for The English Shop in Stockholm, a few boxes of tea and small notebooks.

Lynne"s score average of 411 was the best, followed by Roland"s 402 and Gunnar"s 400. Lynne and Roland were also the best bonus grabbers, with 10 bingos each. Roland won the special bonus word prize (a jar of marmalade) because he had played one more 8-letter word than Lynne. Another special prize category was supposed to be Swedish-themed words. However, the contributions were quite few, so Greger checked the bonuses as well, and decided that Gunnar"s PERSONA (also a movie by Ingmar Bergman) should win him a booklet about Sweden plus a little badger with magnetic paws.

Beverly Hills Cup 2007 was also the first tournament to give qualification points for Swedish participation in the World Scrabble Championship of 2009. Gunnar got 16 points, Marja 11, Henrik 8, Marc 5, Roland 4, Johan 3, Greger 2 and Jannike 1.

36 challenges were registered officially, 13 of which were valid moves. The good ones were RENY+HEADILY, LOFTERS, DIXY, AVID, SECANT, IDEM, DIABASE, AIERIES, RIFS, FAE, REINING, ALINERS and COWL. Some of the phonies were *SIMULAE, *FUNDAGE, *REMAINER, *WIFTERS, *GRINSED, *BESSIES, *TIDER and *JOVE.

I hope you all had a great time and look forward to seeing you at future tournaments!

  Slutställning  V O F Rating innan Rating- ändring
1 Gunnar Andersson 6   1021 +20,71   
2 Lynne Murphy 4   2 NY +6,96   
3 Marja Takala 4   2 1010 +4,48   
4 Henrik Holmström 3   3 1008 -2,70   
5 Marc Roddis 4   3 NY +2,63   
6 Roland Olsson 3   3 NY -1,70   
7 Johan Rönnblom 1   5 995 -14,69   
8 Greger Nässén 2   5 961 -4,51   
9 Jannike Molander 1   5 970 -11,17   

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