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Engelskt Scrabble-SM 2013  

Datum: 2013-05-25
Ort: Stockholm
Arrangör: Greger Nässén
Spelsystem: Monrad
Antal deltagare: 6
Antal ronder: 8
Snittpoäng: 375
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The Swedish National Championship 2013 (NSC) took place on 25 May in Greger"s home in Stockholm. The championship counted as a qualifier for the The Scrabble Champions Tournament (the revamped World Scrabble Championship) in Prague in December.

The NSC 2013 was played in 8 rounds. With 7 wins out of 8 Johan Rönnblom became the new Swedish Champion! Hooray and congratulations! Gunnar Andersson was runner-up with 6 wins, and Todd Webster climbed up to a third position after round 7 and kept that place. Congratulations to both of you too!

There were a few high-scoring games, e.g. Lisa vs. Johan in round 5, 332-535 and Gunnar vs. Greger 536-274 in round 7. The match with the highest total score was Marja vs. Greger, 416-458, in round 8. The average score was 375. The bingo average was 1.35 per player and game. The champion Johan was also the most prolific bingoer, 19 in all. One 100+ bingo was played, WADINGS 119 p, by Todd in round 1.

The top three got small glass runestones with plaques. The Swedish Champion Johan was also honoured with a new challenge pet, the frog Johan R. Johan also got a special prize for his many bingoes - a box with rollable Lindor chocolate balls.

Congratulations and thank you all for a very nice tournament!

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  Slutställning  V O F Rating innan Rating- ändring
1 Johan Rönnblom 7   1 1042 +15,59   
2 Gunnar Andersson 6   2 1074 -1,33   
3 Todd Webster 4   4 NY +1,37   
4 Marja Takala 3   5 999 -5,40   
5 Greger Nässén 3   5 966 +2,32   
6 Lisa Blohm 1   7 967 -12,55   

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